Mbed board GR-LYCHEE

The RZ/A1LU deployment made in Renesas Electronics Corporation
High-performance Mbed™-adaptive board with camera using "Arm®Cortex®-A series"

Development history

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"Arm®Cortex®-A series" following GR-PEACH
"We take" "is connected" by this board simple substance,
"We utter / to hear" (by sound) realizes "we project" (with picture)

We implement WiFi/BLE module and stereo CODEC attached to high-performance camera and LCD liquid crystal is connected and provides embedded system environment that is IoT+α which we were not able to realize easily in "Cortex-M".

Merit of Mbed user by RZ/A1LU adoption

Microcomputer that RZ/A1LU has Cortex-A9 which is high-performance CPU of 384MHz, large-capacity built-in RAM of 3MB, camera input / graphics output / audio system function. By CMSIS-DAP /DAPLink correspondence for Cortex-M, we can transfer software assets of "Cortex-M" to "Cortex-A9".

application example

application example
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Figure of pin assignment

Connector / Switch / LED compatible with Arduino

WiFi/BLE module / Audio CODE / Motor /USB

SD Card SLOT / Camera I/F / LCD I/F

Basic specifications

Part name Maker name Model number Remarks
MPU Renesas Electronics R7S721030VCFP Cortex-A9 RZ/A1LU 176pin QFP RAM3MB Max: 384MHz
FLASH ROM Winbond W74M64JVSSIQ 8MByte SOP 8pin (SPI Multi I/O) ※Secure compatible item
External Memory KYOCERA
SD Card SLOT (SPI:default / SDIO:Option)
Communication I/F
Micro USB
JST UB-MC5BR3-SD204-4S Mbed-IF side Debug/Programming MicroB USB Connector
RZ/A1LU side Ch.0 MicroB USB Connector(Device)
Cvilux CU01SAH1S00 RZ/A1LU side Ch.1 USB Type A Connector(Host) (unpopulated / attachment product)
Wireless Module
Espressif Systems
Wi-Fi + BLE Module (UART/SPI/I2C)
WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth:Classic, BLE 4.2 (Dual Mode)
Audio Codec Maxim MAX9867ETJ+ Stereo Audio CODEC (Stereo Line Out / Monoral Mic In)
4P 3.5mmφMini Jack (CTIA Pinassign)
Arduino Connector Hirosugi-keiki FSS-41085-06 x1
FSS-41085-08 x2
FSS-41085-10 x1
Arduino Compatible Pin Socket (unpopulated / attachment product)
6pin x1 / 8pin x2 / 10pin x1
Camera I/F
JST 24FLZ-SM2-TB 24pin FFC Connector (Pinassign for Shikino High-Tech KBCR-M04VG)
Camera Module
Shikino High-Tech
KBCR-M04VG 640x480 / 60fps¼-inch (Omnivision OV7725)
LCD I/F JST 40FHH-SM1-GAN-TF 40pin FFC Connector (Pinassign for Onation OT043AWDDDT-09)
Debug Connector Hirosugi-keiki PSS-720303-05
10pin JTAG Connector(CoreSight10) (nonimplement)
Switch ALPS SKRPABE010 System Reset Switch x1
User Switch x2
LED ROHM SML-P11MTT86R User LED x1 (Green) (uncontrollable)
SML-P11UTT86R User LED x1 (Red)
SML-P11DTT86R User LED x1 (Orange)
SML-P11YTT86R User LED x1 (Yellow)
SML-P11MTT86R User LED x1 (Green)
Power Supply VBUS 1 DC 5V MicroB USB Connector(Connected Mbed-IF)
VBUS 2 DC 5V MicroB USB Connector(Connected RZ/A1LU)
DC 5.5-16V (Arduino Compatible Pin–Vin–)
Board Size 53.34 (W) x 67.58 (D) (mm) -Arduino Uno Compatible Size-

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Interface (Normal version)
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Block diagram

Block diagram
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Parts position

Parts Location(Component Side)

Parts Location(Solder Side)

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Block diagram
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Product image

GR-LYCHEE (the surface)

GR-LYCHEE (the back side)

GR-LYCHEE Nomal normal article GR-LYCHEE Normal + Wi-Fi
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About LCD working in GR-LYCHEE

LCD unit getting operation check using LCD connector in GR-LYCHEE becomes the following product.

Screen size Maker name Model numberSaleRemarks
4.3 inches Xiamen Zettler ElectronicsATM0430D25Akizuki electron 
4.3 inches Xiamen Zettler ElectronicsATM0430D5Akizuki electron 
4.3 inches ONationOT043AWDDDT-09The core staff 
3.5 inches AMPIRE320240LKTMQW-51HNMR54pin → Conversion of 40pin is necessary

※You get operation check, but please be careful as it is not thing guaranteeing the operation.

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Correspondence to TOSHIBA FlashAir™

About TOSHIBA FlashAir™W-04 / W-03, it has been checked the operation of the following.
It is accessible from smartphone and tablet.

※Please refer to this for TOSHIBA FlashAir.


TOSHIBA FlashAir™W-04

  16GB, 32GB

TOSHIBA FlashAir™W-03

  8GB, 16GB, 32GB

FlashAir W-04FlashAir W-03

※You get operation check, but please be careful as it is not thing guaranteeing the operation.

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